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What is Astro Design

Astro Design is

a blueprint where we can know our true nature of life. We might not be taught how to live our lives, how to make our correct life decisions, or how to create what we want in our lives when we were young. As a result, we may need to go through lots of errors and experiments, and we still could not find the solutions to all aspects of our lives.  However, with cutting-edge knowledge, all these questions could disappear and you will know why you come to the planet Earth this time and how to shine your uniqueness.  


Here are the components of a chart in Astro Design, where are the essential elements of its power: 


Kabbalah is a mysterious Jewish philosophy with the Tree of Life as its core symbol representing the universe and spiritual exploration. The 36 channels and 64 gates in the Kabbalah tradition represent the uniqueness of every person and allow for the exchange of energies. Understanding the significance of each channel and gate can aid in self-awareness and spiritual growth.

I Ching

The Yi Jing, or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese literary masterpiece based on sixty-four hexagrams. It stresses change, intellectual thought, moral principles, and literary merit. The Yi Jing is a significant expression of ancient Chinese intellectual philosophy as well as a tool of divination and prediction. It elaborates on the notion of “change,” thinking that everything is continually changing and that, as a result, planning must be altered when employing the Yi Jing to adapt to changing events. The Yi Jing’s intellectual principles, such as the Five Elements Theory, Yin-Yang Philosophy, and the Unification of Heaven and Man, made major contributions to ancient Chinese philosophy. Overall, the Yi Jing, one of China’s cultural treasures, has distinctive qualities and influences both Chinese and global cultural growth.


Celestial occurrences were highly valued by many ancient cultures. Indians, Chinese, and Mayans, in particular, created intricate astrological systems to study celestial body motions and anticipate Earth occurrences. Astrologers in the West use these systems to interpret a person’s personality qualities. On either side of the human design chart, 13 zodiac signs correlate to the positions of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and other celestial bodies at the moment of a person’s birth, as well as the impact that these locations have on them.

Chakra system

The Hindu Chakra system is a traditional yoga and healing method that focuses on the body’s energy centers, or chakras. These Chakras stand for different interconnected and interdependent physical, psychological, and spiritual qualities. In order to balance and improve the flow of energy via the Chakras, the method makes use of techniques like yoga, meditation, and sound therapy, encouraging overall wellbeing and self-transcendence. 

Online courses and consultation

What will you gain?

We are dedicated to research and development with the purpose of giving our clients and customers a panorama of Human Design system.

We even go beyond traditional Human Design and combine western astrology and Chinese astrology and finally recreate a more comprehensive system of Human Design.

That means you will know more firmly about: 


how to navigate the matrix world and how to live smoothly


have a better understanding about your positioning in the world and finally find out your unique path to achieve your career goal


which one is not suitable to build up a close relationships and how to maintain a harmonious relationships with others

Our vision and Clients 

Why do we create Astro Design?

Traditional Human Design does contain its limitation. Here are the several limitations to traditional Human Design:


entirely scrap the House-System which is indeed very helpful to illustrate the relationship between the environment and yourself


heavily mechanical and fixated, which overlook the epigenetic change of a person

Traditional Human Design does contain its limitation. Here are the several limitations to traditional Human Design:

Want to have your own Astro Design Report?

You just need one Astro Design Report for your life. As the founder of Life Architect, I truly hope that my interpretation of your chart could liberate your potential talents and help you find your true north. 

(The report will be completed within 14 days)

About the founder

Having explored spirituality for over 20 years since 2000, Isaac Yu has studied and experienced different areas in spirituality:

– Western Astrology

– Chinese Astrology

– Human Design (including other non-official versions)

– Family Constellation


– Indian Mysticism

– Essential oil and Flower Essence

– Chinese Four Pillars System


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