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USD$ 123$ 413

Basic Plan : Only Human Design Report (USD 123)
Solution Plan : Human Design Report + Additional Essential Oil + Feng Shui Solution (USD 413)

The Human Design Depth Report will include:

  1. Your Type (it will let you know the basic direction of how to interact smoothly with the world)
  2. Your Definition (it will let you know where to focus in this life)
  3. Your Inner Authority and Decision-Making Method (it is to help you understand the correct way to make decisions throughout your life)
  4. Your Life Role (it will let you understand your life trajectory, personality, and how to help your health management)
  5. Your Energy Centers (it will let you see where in your life you can rely on yourself steadily, where there may be internal conflict, and more)
  6. Your Talent Gates and Human Design Channels (it will reveal your strengths, behavior patterns, and how you can influence the outside world, and more. This information is closely related to how you can find your ideal position in this society!)
  7. The Four Arrows in Your Human Design [Rarely found in other Human Design reports] (Without the information of the four arrows in the Human Design, it may be difficult for you to feel the gift that Human Design gives us – a power that can transform life. It includes life scenes that are suitable for your personal development and improve your quality of life. It also lets you know the appropriate way of studying and how to start your transformation journey)
  8. Cross of Incarnation (Exclusive In-depth Interpretation) (The Cross of Incarnation in the Human Design does not just reveal a person’s life theme trajectory. From the perspective of other schools of thought, it can let you understand the themes of your psychological inner transformation, allowing you to truly transform your destiny from within. If the birth time is accurate enough, this report will provide you with a deeper interpretation of the Human Design colors and tones than just the gate points.)
  9. Suitable Way of Making Money (Included) (It will introduce you to the industries, methods, and positioning aspects that are suitable for you to make money. It is very helpful for those who are struggling to find their suitable market positioning!)
  10. Comprehensive Analysis Conclusion (This is the final part, the summary will let you know how to use all of the above information in your life and work.)
  11. The report will be completed within 14 days.[Affected customers will be notified individually if there are too many customers]

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Basic Plan : Only Human Design Report – USD 123, Solution Plan : Human Design Report + Additional Essential Oil + Feng Shui Solution – USD 413


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